Non-Medicaid Patients

There is another group of patients that have also benefited from non-emergency medical advantages. These transportation companies are also available for those who are simply in need of transportation. This might be because of illness that has made them unable to drive; a surgery of which they haven’t been released to drive, or possibly they are a non-driver.

As family dynamics have changed in recent years we find ourselves not always living in the same town with our close family. This has made it necessary for people to rely on others. The problem is that people are so busy these days that it is hard to find people that truly have time to stop their own schedules to take a friend to the doctor. On the other hand, most people don’t feel comfortable asking a non-family member to miss work to take them to the doctor. Thus, we have the same problems as the disadvantage patients may have. They miss important appointments, don’t follow up on serious illnesses, or just skip appointments. The result is the same, their overall health usually declines.

Non-emergency medical escort companies have stepped up to help these individuals by providing them with the same transportation available to the Medicaid patients. Many have even provided payment methods that allow individuals to pay with credit card immediately at the time of service. This is a huge help to those who find themselves unable to drive after surgery and timid about asking for help from friends or neighbors. It also puts them in control of maintaining their health by allowing them to show up for every appointment necessary. Non-emergency medical transportation can be seen as an answer to their problems by any patient that uses the service.

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