Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for the Needy
Long distance ambulance transport has filled an important void in healthcare. Before this service was readily available in our communities, patients were missing necessary appointments that were necessary to maintain their health. Because of these missed appointments there was a decline in overall health. Appointments would be missed for various reasons, such as, no one available to take them or no car available. A need was seen and ultimately filled to accommodate these unfortunate patients.

Medical transportation for non-emergency needs was first provided for Medicaid recipients. This group of patients was identified as at risk of declining health due to their inability to make regularly scheduled appointments. This predominately was because of lack of transportation. Poorer patients many times had no vehicle, if they were able to drive, or had no one to drive them that had proper transportation. Non-emergency medical transportation filled this void by providing transportation.

Another reason for not making appointments was the specialized transportation needed for patients with serious medical needs. Non-medical transportation provides vehicles that are equipped to transport patients in wheelchairs, patients with oxygen, or bedridden patients that must be transported on a stretcher. These vehicles are equipped to handle all of these needs and are manned by employees that are well trained in the care and transportation of patients with severe medical needs. They also have well maintained first aid emergency equipment on board that is regularly tested.

Special education is another area that is served through non-emergency medical transport services. This service provides patients that are mentally handicapped the ability to attend programs that help them with their special needs. This is a great help to parents of special needs children and adult children that are in their care. Most often both parents are working and this service provides a means to connect these special needs individuals with programs and social situation needed to enhance their quality of life.

There are many people that have been greatly advantaged by non-emergency medical transportation. Many state agencies maintain and regulate the companies that provide this service by regular inspections of the vehicles and the equipment on board. This provides an awesome means for needy individuals to get regular checkups, see doctors on a regular schedule for ongoing medical needs, and to see their doctor when they are experiencing illness.

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